Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello there

Hello there...
Its good to see your face again
Its been a while my friend.

Hello there...
Its been a while since Ive seen you last
so much time has gone by.

Hello there.

So much time has passed and I haven’t updated. I apologize. I guess Im just a bad blogger.

Mat comes today which I am SUPA excited for. I have a lot of great things planned for us to do. Hopefully everything works out. Si Dios Quiere. Haha

Ok… so …

Started taking my estatutos to different offices for registration. We have now hit a wall at the Corte de Apleacion, should take 3 more weeks to get what I need back.

Havent heard anything back from my latrine grant. Cross fingers.

Took 3 boys to Camp Superman.
It was AMAZING!!!!! It’s a camp made to show boys that it is super cool to stay in school, not get aids, and respect women! Haha
They got to hike, eat, play games, create masks, plaques, capes, and bathe in the river.
The boys I brought had a super time. One boy named Jason won superman of the day and another one of my boys Joselito won Superman of the whole camp. Needless to say I was a proud mama!!!

Had an art day with my girls where they created magical pieces of art.

My chicas brillantes group is going strong with 5 girls haha.
Started selling bolitas de coco to pay for the cost of paint for a mural.
Super excited about the mural, mats going to help me this Wednesday.

OOo did I tell you I started an exercise class with my women?
It’s the funniest class I have and probably the one I enjoy the most.
My women get to stretching and get to farting and then everyone starts laughing.
Its great!

Life has been getting easier over here. I guess the longer you’re here the better it gets.
I still have my days but Im calmer about it all.

Except when my host mom steals my water.
There is a water shortage in campo. Everyone is allotted a certain amount of time to fill up their tanks and gallons. Some people take more water than they should and there is not enough water pressure if these families leave there llaves open. The water won’t go down or in some cases up. So everyone is fighting and it’s terrible.

We had a water directive meeting yesterday and it was chaos.
Made me sad. I told them I just didn’t understand why a culture that is all about compartiring “sharing” would be so selfish about water. Its like this need to fill everything you have and its just not necessary. When it comes to water some change drastically and don’t want to share. Uggh idk what to do. They say this problem will be solved when the rain comes. But we shall see.

Pero ya tu sabes… Si Dios Quiere.

All my love!

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